Friday, February 12, 2016

Fish Rain in Ethiopia

Fortean strangeness is off to a good start this year in Ethiopia.  According to the Ethiopian Herald, a rain of fish fell on the town of Dire Dawa in the Eastern part of the country.

The story made the front page of the paper on Feb 2nd.  According to the report, the fish rain occurred the previous Sunday, Jan 31st, surprising the town's residents.  The unusual event was treated as a blessing from God by residents of Dire Dawa who quickly went out to gather up the fish.

Mr. Efrem Mamo, a scholar from Haromaya University's Department of Metrology, stated that the fish rain was a result of heavy winds and ocean currents combining to snap fish up out of the water and carry them over land.  He says that a similar incident occurred in Hawasa, Ethiopia ten years previously.

Other scientists frequently site "tornadoic waterspouts" that transport animals such as fish and frogs over vast distances before depositing them on land.

One of the flaws with this theory is that such falls inevitably contain one specific species.  If random winds were to snap up sections of water, logic dictates that the falls would contain a sampling of animals from the original location.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Beyond Belief TV With George Noory

I recently guest starred on an episode of Gaiman TV's Beyond Belief with George Noory.
Noory partnered with Gaiman at the end of 2012 to launch the show described as

"A new weekly TV show exploring the unknown, and mysteries of the universe."  Noory states "This also gives my listeners an opportunity to experience provocative films, documentaries and original interviews."

Check out my episode, exploring the mysteries of the black eyed children, at the website below.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Archive of the Afterlife

Recently, while I was on the road, I spent some time in Moundsville, West Virginia.  The name should be familiar to those interested in the paranormal as the town is home to the massive Moundsville Prison, a hotbed of haunting activity.

But the next time you're in town for travel or investigation, there's another interesting spot you should check out, and it's right down the street from the infamous prison.  It's called "The Archive of the Afterlife."

Paranormal related museums are few and far between.  There are some interesting private collections of course and everyone's aware that John Zaffis has quite a collection stored in the northeast, but public displays are something I'm hoping to see more of as interest in the paranormal continues to grow each year.

Paranormal investigator and enthusiast Steve Hummel has been working hard to gather items from a wide range of locations and build a "National Museum of the Paranormal."
Right now, it's small but these things take time to build, and Steve's off to a good start.  He already has a chair full of haunted dolls, and in fact, when we visited, he had just acquired a new one.  There's also a wall of crosses that he's actively adding to and of course, there are items from Moundsville prison along with plenty of other surprises.

Steve is a gracious host and is happy to fill you in on the details about any of the items on display.  You can even investigate the museum after hours if you're so inclined.  Details are on the web page.

So, next time you're passing through Moundsville, please stop in and show your support.  For details on the museum, check out the website below, and watch the FB page for updates on new items.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shadow Figures & Abductees

In 2012, an eyewitness in Glenwood Springs, CO, contacted MUFON about the strange disappearance of his renter, a purported abductee.  A bizarre sequence of events led up to the incident and included weird lights and shape shifting shadow figures.

The story was also reported in fortean publication "The Gate."  According to the report:

"It was the evening of June 25, 2012, that the witness said he heard a loud thud-like noise coming from his renter's bedroom so he walked down the hallway and called out his name.  He reported seeing a bright yellow light shining from under the bottom of the door and after not getting a response, he turned to go back to his own room.  But before entering his bedroom he looked back down the hall and said the light that had been beaming out of the bottom crack of the door was now gone and everything was dark.

He went back to bed and around 3 a.m. he awoke to see a black shape outside his window.  Thinking it was a burglar he screamed for him to go away and suddenly the black figure appeared to change its shape.  The witness said he screamed again and it 'swooped away.'
He went to the window and looked outside and saw four black silhouettes, all different, from short and stocky to tall and thin standing on the other side of his fence.  The entire yard was bathed in a light blue light.  He ran to the front of his house and saw two additional creatures crouching behind his neighbor's car and two others behind his renter's van parked in the driveway.

He once again went to his renter's room to tell him what he was seeing and the man informed him that he felt that he had been abducted repeatedly since childhood.  He showed the man a bump on his leg and said he believed it was some sort of implant intended to track his movements.

The following morning he said his renter told him he was going camping to try and call upon "good energy" to take his darkness away.  When he failed to return home, a local search and rescue team were called to investigate.  They found his van parked near a forest trail but were not able to locate him or any of his belongings.  To this day he is still missing.

Mufon case report, August 2012.

Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the year of the fire Monkey.

The Chinese lunar calendar marks the new year on the first new moon that falls between January 21st and February 20th.  Each year is assigned one of the twelve animals that cycle through in a set order.  The animal, along with the year's element, determines the nature of the year.

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China, is a big celebration and the longest public holiday in the country.  I've had the pleasure of being in China for this celebration in the past, and it's certainly something to see!

Almanacs are very popular in much of Asia and they contain forecasts for the year's strong and weak points in accordance with the astrological system.  Much of the information is derived from ancient Taoist traditions and teachings and in many ways offers a very shamanic view of the year by assigning it animal and elemental aspects.

2016, has a fire Monkey year, is noted as being fast paced but without the high level of stress that previous years have brought.  Creative energy should be at a high point and arts and inventions make headway.
Monkey is youthful and playful in nature, intelligent, hyperactive and strong minded.  According to ancient Asian astrological lore, these qualities will be expressed throughout the year as 2016 continues to unfold.  Scholars also note that Monkey is a highly active animal, hence, for many people, this Monkey year will bring travel and adventure.

Chinese will set off fireworks today to represent driving away bad luck.  Cleaning is also avoided on New Year's so if you needed an excuse to put some chores off there you go.  Another tradition is the wearing of red underwear thought to bring good fortune for the year.

While some of this may seem silly to westerners, these astrological almanacs and the traditions they chronicle stretch far, far back in Chinese history.  Such ancient systems often offer a different perspective on events and potentials so if you're not familiar with the tradition, read a little more beyond the place mat at your local Chinese restaurant, you may find yourself more intrigued than you expect.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paranormal Roads: Bellaire House

Mike Ricksecker of Haunted Road Media does a great video log of his journeys to various paranormal spots around the country.

Recently, he made a trip to Bellaire, Ohio to join Dave Spinks and myself for an investigation of the infamous Bellaire House.  A site purported to house demonic entities and an incubus.

Here's a great v-log Mike produced that provides a good snapshot of some of the things we discovered.  Check it out below, and while you're at it, check out some of Mike other great entries, they can all be found at the link below.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Haunted Bellaire House Night 2

Continuing our investigation of the notoriously haunted Bellaire House in Ohio, Dave Spinks and I were joined by investigator Mike Ricksecker for this one.

Here's a couple of quotes from those who caught the show:
"I gotta say you guys are my favorite Paranormal Investigators , I just came across your channel a couple nights ago , and I really like how you guys get spirits on your EVP and you don't replay what you hear 20 times in a row like all other investigators do. You guys are authentic and are not fake like a lot of videos I've seen on the YT's. Keep up the excellent work :-)"  viewer--Keith Vance
"...totally agree Keith, great assessment man, That sum's up exactly why i rate both Dave and David, above other paranormal investigators, Both are strand up guys, that make every effort to keep paranormal investigating real, They are happy to debunk every possible thing that could interfere with , or give a false impression too, any subscriber watching, and C.R.P.T.V use some kick ass locations to investigate too . !!" viewer--Sizzling Bacon