Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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The Fire Poltergeist of Paris

France 1907. 
In the otherwise quiet Paris suburb of La Corneuve, thirty mysterious fires broke out in the space of less than a week.
Two houses were gutted and several outbuildings were completely destroyed and while the first fire could be blamed on a lightning strike, the ones that followed were unexplainable.

The series of fires began on Wednesday, September 11 when a bolt of lightning struck a house on Rue de I'Abreuvoir.  The house caught fire, but fortunately the flames were quickly extinguished and there were no sings of lingering sparks or flames.

On Thursday, more fires sprang up.  Two detached sheds were burned to the ground and the home of a neighbor, 150 feet away caught fire.

On Friday, the fires manifested again.  This time, flames suddenly appeared in the basement of the first home. 

But things got even stranger on Saturday.  A neighbor, Monsieur Scillier, walked into his dining room to find a loaf of bread on the table blazing away.  The table itself then caught on fire.  In a nearby cupboard, flames suddenly shot up not once, but twice.

Was a poltergeist at work?  One fascinated with the use of fire?

No sources for the sudden outburst of fires could be found.

On Sunday and Monday, the random blazes continued to plague the area.  Flames shot back and forth between the two houses.  A box of knives burned until nothing but the blades remained.

Twenty five witnesses watched as an umbrella suddenly caught fire and burned up.

Fires, especially unexplained ones, were a great concern for the time.  An out of control blaze could spread quickly and do a massive amount of damage.  This being the case, fire officials were quick to respond to the strange blazes, but while they were on the scene, they were still at a loss to explain the random blazes.  A fireman working at the location was busy removing items he thought were potential combustibles.  He picked up an old hat and tossed it out an open window.  As the hat sailed through the window, it brushed by the curtains.  Both the hat and the curtains burst into flames.

By Tuesday, the frequency of the random fires finally decreased.  Only one fire was reported and it sprang up in a garden between the buildings.

But much damage had been done.  Both of the main homes that were affected had, by this time, been mostly destroyed. 

A newspaper report in the Paris Matin stated:

"The staircases in both houses are crumbling into dust.  A bright crystalline dust comes from them at the slightest contact."

While it's clear that the first blaze was initiated by a lightning strike, authorities were positive that fire had been extinguished.  The 29 fires that followed remain a mystery and many were left believing that a troublesome poltergeist had been responsible for the destruction.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Flying Chupacabras

Earlier this month I reported on a weird encounter in Puerto Rico with a winged creature that had similarities to the infamous blood drinking chupacabras.  The case isn't the only time that such entities have been reported.  South America, a gold mine of chupacabra reports and high strangeness in general has several such cases that I've come across.

Over the years, Chile has been a hotbed of chupacabras activity.  In April 2007, researcher Ivan Voreved was investigating a series of incidents involving farm animal deaths in Chile's 6th Region.  On April 6,7 and 8th of that year, a series of attacks involving a strange creature took place in the small town of Pan de Azucar. 

The witnesses, identified in reports by the initials "J.C" and "A.R.," shared their accounts with Voreved.  On the morning of April 7th, at eight o'clock, A.R., a farmhand, discovered twenty-nine dead chickens in a coop on the property.

A.R. stated that the chickens looked liked they had been crushed by something and one of them displayed a hole in its back that reached down into its entrails.  The hen looked completely bloodless and all of the carcasses displayed what A.R. described as a certain "orderliness" about them.  (Such meticulous alignment of animal bodies as come up in other attacks blamed on chupacabras).
Neither the property owners or neighbors could find an explanation for the strange attack on the chickens.
J.C., the property owner, is a self professed skeptic when it comes to the chupacabras.  However, he too was at a complete loss and could find no rational explanation for the events on his farm.

But this wasn't the only attack in the region and other witnesses claim that got a glimpse of the creature that was causing trouble.

Not far from J.C.'s farm, another bizarre incident took place.  On a quiet dirt road, witnesses reported seeing what they first though was "something like a black trash bag," falling off the roof of a nearby house.  Upon closer inspection of the dark object, it began to move and then jumped and took off into the air as a witness approached it.  The strange, flying entity measured about a meter and a half and eyewitnesses said it had amazing speed once airborne.

The witnesses to the dark, flying creature were deeply shaken by their encounter.  Local residents stated that the creature was most certainly a chupacabras and point to numerous similar cases and attacks in the area over the years.

These reports were originally compiled by researchers Raul Nunez and Ivan Voreved and translated by Scott Corrales.

The Puerto Rican report can be found here:


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gralien Report on Wood Knocks

This week I was on the Gralien Report, hosted by my friend Micah Hanks.  In the spotlight, the first volume of Wood Knocks, along with a general discussion on Sasquatch. 
We also had a brief discussion on the Walking Sam legend, a curious tale from Sioux territory.

Check out the show, now available at the Gralien website below.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Eyed Adult in Chile 1956

I'm constantly asked about new encounters with black eyed beings.  While it's true that new cases continue to be reported on a regular basis, I'm personally very interested in older accounts that predate any modern influence by television or the internet.  When researching my book on the Black Eyed Children, I uncovered some cases, but more continue to come to light.

Researcher Albert Rosales is always unearthing obscure and fascinating cases and he's been coming across some that contain encounters with black eyed people.  Here's a recent one he posted from Chile that involves a black eyed woman.  The case is from 1956.  Thanks to Jamie L. Brian for bringing it to my attention:

Rancagua, Chile

The witness, Lorenzo Venegas (currently an evangelical Methodist Pastor) was 5-years of age at the time, lived in a large house with a swing set in the back yard. According to Lorenzo there were rumors that his father was a practicing ‘Warlock’ but he did not believe it. But at times strange things would happen in the house.

He remembers playing with his brothers and being visited by a woman dressed all in white with braided hair and with eyes that were completely black. For some reason the youngster felt no fear of her. When they told their parents they were not believed and their parents would laugh. Apparently his parents were not able to see the lady, only the young children could see her.

One day according to Lorenzo she saw the lady and she was crying. She told him that she was leaving because “they no longer needed her”, and she no longer had “permission” to play with them. The children would call her “the white lady” because her skin was so pale, “just like a dead person”. However Lorenzo insisted that they felt no fear when she was with them. Her hair was extremely black and she always wore the same white dress that appeared to be a little “worn”. People would tell them that she was a “demon” but Lorenzo didn’t think that was the case.

He remembers that one time they asked her if they could hug her but she told them not to touch her because if they did she would “get sick” and would not be able to return and play with them. Lorenzo’s younger brother asked her where did she live and the lady looked up at the sun and said that it was very far, “beyond the sun”. “How do you travel back and forth from your home?” she was asked. Her answer was peculiar, “I think of being there and I am there, and then I think of being here and here I appear”.

HC addendum Source: Archives of Robert Othmar Vettiger citing interview with witness (2015) Type: E?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

BTE Radio Archive

The archive is up for the recent episode of Beyond the Edge radio I appeared on.  Eric and Marie are great hosts, and there's a ton of other outstanding episodes in their archives.  Check it out at the link below.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winged Chupacabras!

In June of 2010, Puerto Rican police officer Miguel Negron was on patrol with another officer when they heard what they described as the "beating of powerful wings."  At the same time, they were hit by a powerful, rotten odor coming from what they believed to be a large, bat-like creature.

It wasn't an isolated report.  Numerous residents in southwestern Puerto Rico were claiming attacks and sightings of the bizarre, winged thing that year.  Reading over the reports, one imagines a winged gargoyle swooping down from the skies.

Perhaps the most intense report was from a man named Valdo.  He told police that he was attacked in his yard one night by a "large winged animal" that swept down on him and left deep claw marks on his chest and back before he was able to escape.

Locals claimed that the creature would come out to hunt during the night, and could also be seen in the early hours of the morning.  They believed that was living in the underground tunnels and ruins surrounding the Guanica Sugar Mill.

The creature was described as a huge humanoid like being with large wings resembling those of a bat.  It was blamed for the slaughter of numerous animals in the region as well as attacks on several local residents.  Purportedly, the creature was a blood drinker much like the infamous Chupacabras.